Robin Reiter is one of Florida’s leaders in the philanthropic and civic
communities. For more than 25 years, she has worked with many of the
most influential people and organizations in the state of Florida, nationally, as well as internationally, and has earned the respect of everyone with whom she has worked.

Here are what a few community leaders have to say:

Ana Fernandez Buraglia Executive Director, The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation
Lorraine Charney Sonnabend
Alan Levan, BankAtlantic Chairman & C.E.O
Charles J. Zwick, retired Chairman Southeast Banking Corporation
Andrew Blank, President, Blank Family Foundation
Robert J. Puck, President, Florman Family Foundation
Jeanne Robinson O.D. Executive Director, ICWI Group Foundation, Jamaica

Robin has been an invaluable resource in my learning to run our family Foundation. She has extensive practical knowledge to share, is readily accessible, and has provided the guidance necessary for me to become confident in my position as Executive Director. Her experience with local organizations and financial institutions helped me avoid likely pitfalls as I began learning to run our Foundation. I feel very fortunate to have had Robin's guidance, and am confident that she remains a resource for any needs I have as our Foundation thrives, largely due to her assistance.

Ana Fernandez Buraglia
Executive Director, The Fernandez Pave the
Way Foundation

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I have known Robin Reiter for more than 20 years. We worked together when I was an executive at Ryder System, Inc., and she was with Southeast Bank. She was invaluable in guiding me through the labyrinth of financial and legal issues that arose in the formation of the Ryder System Charitable Foundation. I knew I could call on her for anything concerning the important aspects that make up the world of charitable giving. She has played a critical role in southeast Florida in raising the awareness and professionalism of not-for-profit institutions and arts organizations. Robin knows her business!

Lorraine Charney Sonnabend

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Robin Reiter is a true professional. She created the BankAtlantic Foundation and steered it through its early years. I consider her an expert in charitable giving and corporate foundations. She is also a high energy community resource.

Alan Levan
BankAtlantic Chairman & C.E.O.

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Robin was the hands-on force that created and ran the Southeast Banking Corporation Foundation. Bringing together a very large, diverse statewide system of civic leadership and corporate giving was a major accomplishment. She is both creative and can execute...a rare combination of talents.

Charles J. Zwick
Retired Chairman,
Southeast Banking Corporation

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Five or so years ago, the decision was made to review the Blank Family Foundation's goals and objectives with an eye towards the enhancement of both our internal operations and the impact that we have on those organizations and communities that we serve.

Given the growth of our assets over the years, we wanted to expand the scope of our philanthropy which required increased diligence to ensure that we were identifying new candidates that were both qualified and capable of executing their plans satisfactorily. We are intensely concerned that the money we give has a meaningful impact and that it goes where it is intended to go.

In addition, given the increased exposure that our Foundation would
likely receive, we were concerned about the potential for an exponential increase in unsolicited requests and the demands that would place on our small staff.

With Robin’s professional guidance, we successfully tackled our numerous goals. We drafted and approved a new mission statement, new by laws, reorganized our Board of Directors, revised our methods of allocation and streamlined our back office operations including, importantly, elevating the quality of communications - written and otherwise - that we have with grant applicants and recipients.

Andrew Blank
Blank Family Foundation

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Robin Reiter has a rare combination of knowledge, experience and common sense. She is an innovative problem solver who has a personal passion to help those in need. She has made a real difference in our community.

Robert J. Puck
Florman Family Foundation

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The ICWI Group of Companies, on seeking advice from the Council on Foundations, Washington D.C. some eighteen years ago on how to establish an international corporate foundation was told “ We have just the right person for you. She is most knowledgeable and willing to help those in the community seeking her assistance. Her name is Robin Reiter-Faragalli and she can be contacted at the Southeast Banking Corporation Foundation in Miami, where she is the executive director. Give her a call and here is her telephone number. After all, Miami is not that far from Jamaica!”

Robin played a major role in setting up the ICWI Group Foundation in Jamaica, and contributing to its development over the years. She has been generous in sharing her knowledge, and network of leadership contacts in the USA, Latin America, Canada, and the UK with the Foundation’s Governors and staff. She gave the ICWI Group Foundation a significant jump-start in setting it on a path to success. We in Jamaica are indebted to her for this.

Ms. Reiter as an independent consultant is trustworthy, experienced and a distinguished and well known expert in the fields of philanthropy, community and economic development, and civic affairs.

Jeanne Robinson O.D.
Executive Director,
ICWI Group Foundation, Jamaica

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